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Astrology for New Entrepreneurs and Home-Based Businesses: A Strategic Guide for Success

Table of Contents Introduction The Rise of Astrology in Business Decision-Making How Astrology Can Benefit Entrepreneurs and Home-Based Businesses Part 1: The Basics of Astrology in Business Introduction to Western Astrology for Businesses Introduction to Chinese Astrology for Businesses The Significance of Your Business's Start Date Part 2: Using Western Astrology for Business Growth Identifying Your Business Sign Monthly Horoscopes…
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Marketing Magic for Startups

Marketing Magic for Startups: Dive into effective, budget-friendly marketing strategies and tips for startups. Learn how to engage your audience and build your brand through digital marketing and customer engagement without a hefty budget.
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Startup on a Dime: Thrifty Launch Strategies

Table of Contents Key Takeaways: The Treasure Map of Thrifty Startup Strategies Summarizing the Secrets to Startup Success on a Shoestring Budget Voyage Into Valor: An Introduction Setting Sail with Ambition and Limited Resources The Entrepreneurial Odyssey: More Than Just a Financial Journey Navigating the Seas of Bootstrapping: Developing Your MVP The Philosophy of Minimalism on the Entrepreneurial Waters Marco’s…
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